Carnelian (Dyed/Heated) A Grade Faceted Flat Rectangle Gemstone Beads


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Like the unexpected fire of a sunset, or the first flash of autumn brilliance, Carnelian captivates. Its bold energy brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and empowering. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history.

A glassy, translucent stone, Carnelian is an orange-colored variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its color varies from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown, though it is most known for its brilliant orange and red-orange crystals.

-Material: Carnelian
-Treatment: Dyed and Heat Treated
-Shape: Faceted Flat Rectangle
-Grade: A
-Quantity: 20 beads per order

-Size: 8mm x 10mm (0.7mm hole)

Use our beautiful, healing stone beads to create jewelry in order for you to bring crystals and their magical energy with you everywhere you go!


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