TierraCast Zodiac Two-Sided Charms, Antique Gold or Antique Silver Pewter Charms



These two-sided charms feature the zodiac names and symbols on one side while the other displays the associated creatures or objects. Astrological and zodiac jewelry is personalized, but is able to be produced ahead of time to meet future customer demand.

-Materials: Antique Gold Plated Pewter or Antique Silver Plated Pewter
-Size: 15mm

Sold as 1 Piece.

Additional information

Plating & Type

Capricorn Antique Gold, Capricorn Antique Silver, Aquarius Antique Gold, Aquarius Antique Silver, Pisces Antique Gold, Pisces Antique Silver, Taurus Antique Gold, Taurus Antique Silver, Gemini Antique Gold, Gemini Antique Silver, Cancer Antique Gold, Cancer Antique Silver, Leo Antique Gold, Leo Antique Silver, Virgo Antique Gold, Virgo Antique Silver, Libra Antique Gold, Libra Antique Silver, Scorpio Antique Gold, Scorpio Antique Silver, Sagittarius Antique Gold, Sagittarius Antique Silver


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