Rhodolite Garnet (Natural) Marquise Faceted Point Back Gemstone Cabochon


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Rhodolite is the most valuable member of the red garnet series. Its name is derived from the Greek ?Rhodon? meaning ?Rose? due to its pinkish hues. It is lighter and has a more purple tone than regular garnet.

Rhodolite Garnet is an ideal stone to use for emotional healing, or to build, or rebuild self-worth. It helps us to receive abundance on an emotional level by alleviating the feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness that block us from receiving love, acceptance, abundance, and compassion.

Material: Rhodolite Garnet
Shape: Marquise (Faceted)
Grade: AA
Number of Pieces: 1

Size: 4x8mm

Use our beautiful, healing stones to create jewelry in order for you to bring crystals and their magical energy with you everywhere you go!


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