Red Aventurine (Natural) A Grade Diagonally Drilled Cube Gemstone Beads


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Red Aventurine is stone of manifestation through action. It boosts vitality and mental alertness, and amplifies the desire to take on life’s challenges with determination and perseverance. It inspires creativity and renews excitement and confidence in bringing one’s projects, goals and desires into reality.

Aventurine is a variety of Quartz characterized by bright inclusions of Mica or other minerals that give a shimmering or glistening effect to the stone, referred to as aventurescence, especially notable when tumbled or polished.

-Material: Red Aventurine
-Treatment: Natural
-Shape: Cube – diagonally drilled
-Grade: A

-Size: 8mm (0.9mm hole) – 21 pieces

Use our beautiful, healing stone beads to create jewelry in order for you to bring crystals and their magical energy with you everywhere you go!


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