Nephrite Jade Vintage Zodiac Flatback Oval Cabochons



Nephrite is a form of jade that is slightly softer but more resistant to breaking than jadeite, the other form of jade. It is considered a tough stone however, it can be scratched rather easily. Nephrite can contain minor to trace amounts of other minerals. It is most often green, but is also seen in white, yellow and brown shades.

Nephrite jade is believed to promote deep peace, balance and strength in its wearers, offering physical and emotional well-being, especially during unpleasant or difficult situations.

These vintage jade cabochons featuring images of the zodiac signs are sure to add interest to any jewelry piece. Glue them into a cabochon setting to make a necklace pendant, a link for a bracelet or earrings, or a ring.

Material: Nephrite/Jade
Size: 13mm x 18mm x 4mm

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Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer


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