Jet Hematite Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rivoli Button 3015, 16mm


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These jet hematite Swarovski crystal rivoli buttons from JBC Beads offer many possible uses to the designer. With the classic rivoli faceting and a horizontally drilled hole in the back, this little gem will work well as a button or a bead. As a button it can be sewed onto a design or used as a button clasp. As a bead it can be threaded onto cord or leather for a bracelet or necklace. This rivoli button has symmetrical facets that come to a point in the center of the front and the back (it does not lie flat). Embellish your next jewelry or sewing project with this lovely little button.

-Material: Swarovski Crystal
-Color Name: Jet Hematite
-Swarovski #: 3015
-Shape: Faceted Rivoli Button

Diameter: 16mm
Hole: 1.3mm (16 gauge)
Height: 8.75mm

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Use our beautiful, Swarovski Crystal beads to create amazing jewelry for everyone around you!


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