Diamond Shaped Cloisonne Good Luck Beads



The art of cloisonné involves arranging thin metal walls along a pattern etched onto a metal base, usually gold. These individual cells, called cloisons, are then filled with powdered glass, either colored or clear, to the top of the thin metal walls and fired at high temperature to form a vitreous glaze known as hardened enamel. These beautiful diamond shaped beads feature Chinese characters wishing the wearer good luck.

Size: 46mm (1.5mm hole)

Colors: Green, Blue with Red Letters, Blue with Blue Letters, White and Black (only 1 available), Red (only 1 available), purple (only 1 available)

Sold as 1 bead

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Green Green CL-11, Blue Blue CL-12, Blue Red CL-13, Red Red CL-15, White Black CL-14, Purple Purple CL-16


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