Bead Caps with Leaves, Flowers, Dots, Swirls



A variety of bead caps can be found at JBC Beads! They come in many colors, sizes and styles. You can use them on one end of a bead, or on both ends of a bead. They can also be used as book ends at the beginning and end of a strand of beads, or within a strand of beads to highlight a particular bead or beads. Use bead caps with head pins, eye pins, beading wire, or other stringing material.

Some bead caps tend to be almost flat while others are quite deep. The bead caps you choose will depend on the look you want – do you want your bead cap just at the very ends of your beads or do you want them to cover a portion of the bead? A good rule of thumb is to choose a bead cap size at least 1mm shorter than the size of your bead, especially if they are flatter and you want them just on the tips of your beads. If you are buying a deeper bead cap and want it to cover the bead, the bead cap size should be the same as the bead or larger than the bead.

A: 11mm x 5mm, 10 pieces

B: 8mm x 3mm, 20 pieces

C: 6mm x 3mm, 20 pieces

D: 12mm x 4mm, 10 pieces

E: 7.5mm x 2mm, 50 pieces

G: 6mm x 2mm, 50 Pieces

H: 4.5mm x 2mm, 50 pieces

I:  8m x 2mm, 50 pieces

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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I


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