Magnetic “Hematite” (Hematine) Tube Gemstone Beads



3mm x 3mm (.9mm hole) – 130 pcs
4mm x 4mm (1.0mm hole) – 93 pcs
3mm x 9mm (.9mm hole) – 44 pcs
16 inch strand

-Material: Magnetic Hematine (“Hematite”)
-Shape: Tube

This shiny, metallic grey manmade material is a “look alike” for natural hematite–without its cost. Created to replicate the look and feel of natural hematite, hematine (sometimes called hemalike) is a man-made material. It is easy to produce and easy to cut or mold into a variety of shapes.

Natural hematite is expensive and very rare. Most beads sold as hematite are actually hematine.

This manmade material is extremely durable. Store individually to prevent it from damaging gemstones and other jewelry pieces.

Although man made magnetic hematine may not carry all the metaphysical values of its natural equivalent, it has its own sought-after properties in magno-therapy. Practitioners of magnetic healing believe that magnets placed close to the body can have physical effects: promoting blood flow, relieving pain, increasing joint flexibility and other beneficial soft tissue effects. Other proponents of magnetic therapies use them to rebalance bodily energies to promote holistic health.

Use our beautiful, gemstone beads to create jewelry in order for you to bring crystals and their magical energy with you everywhere you go!

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3mm x 3mm, 3mm x 9mm, 4mm x 6mm, 4mm x 4mm


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