Cubic Zirconia Rondelle Spacer Beads



JBC Beads offers a variety of crystal rondelle beads. These beads have cubic zirconia crystals in a metal setting that is gold or rhodium plated brass, or silver plated pewter. They come in clear, red, or green crystals. Crystal rondelle beads add sparkle and elegance to bracelets and earrings when placed in between other beads.

Sizes: 4mm (0.8mm hole),8mm (1.2mm hole),10mm (2mm hole)
Material: Brass with rhodium plating, cubic zirconia crystals, Clear (4mm is Clear AB)
Quantity: 4mm – 20 beads, 6mm – 20 pcs, 8mm – 12 pcs – 10mm – 10 pcs

Size: 6mm (1.2mm hole)
Material: Brass with gold plating or rhodium plating, cubic zirconia crystals, Clear, Red or Green
Quantity: 20 beads

Size: 10mm (2mm hole)
Material: Pewter with silver plating, cubic zirconia crystals, clear
Quantity: 10 beads

Additional information


4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm


gold plated, rhodium plated, silver plated

Crystal Color

clear, red, green, clear ab


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