Crimp ends are used to add a loop to the ends of a necklace or bracelet so that you can add a clasp or jump ring to your jewelry project.  These work well with leather and cord, but can even be used with chain.  The size of the crimp end you use depends on the size of your material.  Try to match the inner diameter (ID) of the crimp end as close as possible with the diameter of your stringing material.  Simply feed the leather or other material into the crimp end and squeeze the middle section tight to crimp in place.  For a stronger hold, use this jewelry finding with glue.

-Materials & Sizes:

Rhodium Plated Brass – 5mm x 10mm (approximately 2.5mm ID)

Brass Plated Brass
2mm x 8mm (approximately 0.5mm ID)
3mm x 7mm (approximately 1.0mm ID)
5mm x 10mm (approximately 3.0mm ID)
Gunmetal Plated Brass –
2mm x 8mm (approximately 0.5mm ID)
3mm x 7mm (approximately 1.0mm ID)
4mm x 10mm (approximately 2.0mm ID)

*4 crimp ends per order*


Additional information

Metal & Size

Rhodium – 5x10mm, Brass – 5x10mm, Brass – 3x7mm, Brass 2x8mm, Gunmetal – 3x7mm, Gunmetal – 2x8mm, Gunmetal – 4x10mm, Brass 4x9mm


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