Crab Fire Agate (Treated) A Grade Twisted Oval Gemstone Beads



Crab fire agate is a type of spiderweb carnelian agate which has been treated to give it its gorgeous patterns. As such, it shares the properties of Carnelian.

Crab fire agate a powerful stabilizing stone that will restore your physical vitality and motivation to achieve your goals. The energies of this stone will also stimulate your creativity. If you?re into artistic and creative pursuits, having a piece of crab fire agate will keep the creative juices flowing.

-Material: Crab Fire Agate
-Shape: Twisted Oval
-Grade: A

18mm x 25mm (0.9mm hole)
22mm x 30mm (0.9mm hole)

Additional information


18mm x 25mm, 22x30mm


16" strand


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