Baltic Amber (Natural) Chip Beads – Butterscotch Honey yellow


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Even though it is considered to be a gemstone, the origin of Amber is fossilized tree resin. The color of Amber is often orange or brown and it has a range of transparencies.? Amber actually comes in over 300 different shades including blue, white, green, black, and red. Blue Amber is the rarest form and the orange and yellow color tones are the most common shades – although these also vary in everything from the palest honey to the darkest smoked whiskey shades.?

Amber is truly a healing, protection, and good luck talisman and that invites calmness and healing into your life. It emits a bright, soothing energy conducive to health and well being.

-Material: Baltic Amber
-Treatment: Natural
-Shape: Chip
– 16 inch strand
-Size: Chip sizes range from 4-6mm and 3-4mm thick (0.8mm hole)


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