Aqua Blue Preciosa Czech Crystal Round Pearls


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Crystal nacre pearls by Czech brand Preciosa are a superb imitation of natural or cultured pearls. Using strict quality standards, several layers of nacre (a pearly fluid found inside pearl-producing mollusks like oysters and mussels) are deposited onto a lead free crystal base, faithfully imitating the beauty and luster of real pearls. Nacre pearls from Preciosa are highly resistant to abrasion, UV radiation and alcohol-based perfumes.

Preciosa crystal pearls are perfect for creating high quality jewelry pieces and embellishments in a variety of styles and designs. Preciosa aqua blue is compatible with Swarovski turquoise pearls.

-Material: Preciosa Czech Crystal Pearls
-Color Name: Aqua Blue
-Shape: Round
-Bead Size: 10mm
-Bead Hole Size: 0.8mm
-Quantity: 25 Beads


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