14k Gold Filled Ear Wires



Ear wires come in many shapes, finishes, and styles. Tail size on the earrings vary with the different styles. All shapes are used to finish your earrings. What style and shape you pick is personal preference and which style compliments your design. If you want a non-slip style pick our plain ear wires with the flattened wire. You can also choose a style with flowers, ball bead or other embellishment.

Jewelers create gold filled jewelry by pressure bonding an actual layer of gold to another metal. Although a gold-filled piece of jewelry is not sold gold, it has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold. It won’t tarnish and will not rub off or turn colors.

-Material: 14k Gold Filled

-Sizes & Types:
#2: Semi Circle – 20mm (10 pcs)
#3: Flat French Hook ear wire with Bead – 16mm x 21mm (10 pcs)
#4: Hook Ear Wire With Bead End – 9mm x 19mm – ( 10 pcs )
#5: Leverback – 16.5mm x 9mm (2 pcs)
#6: Flat French Hook ear wire with Coil – 7mm x 18mm (10 pcs)

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#2 Semi Circle, #3 Flat French Hook, #4 Hook w/Bead, #5 Leverback, #6 Flat French Hook w/Coil


2 pcs, 10 pcs


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